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Episode 86 - Hot Leads Cold Cases Guest Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe - World's Leading Astrobiologist
January 03, 2014 07:03 PM PST
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12/27/13 - This is the final episode of "Hot Leads Cold Cases" on CBS Radio after nearly four years of broadcasting. It is a fitting way to end the series with an interview with the leading astrobiologist in the world, Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe. Dr. Wickramasinghe, a former advisor to the president of Sri Lanka, holder of the highest doctorate degree in science from Cambridge University, and currently Director of the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology in England, first proposed in 1974 that dust in intersteller space and in comets is strangely composed of mostly organic, living matter. He also coined the term "panspermia," commonly used today by most astrophysicists and astronomers, to suggest that the origins of life did not begin on earth, but were transported here from the cosmos. In no uncertain terms, Dr. Wickramasinghe tells Nancy that there is intelligent non-human life (extraterrestrials) more intelligent than us, and that he and his scientific colleagues have been battling with NASA to release information it has been withholding that would prove there is life on Mars. He and Nancy discuss the fact that earth is being covered daily with tons of living organisms that rain down on us from the cosmos, and he proposes that our governments seriously consider establishing a viral shield around planet earth to protect us from the weird viruses contained in these organisms. They also discuss the strange red rains in India and Sri Lanka, and the "star jelly" raining down in the United States. A fascinating and thought-provoking interview. [NOTE: Please see Nancy's website for updates about plans to reestablish the show in other venues. Visit www.theskepticalpsychic.com].

Episode 85 - Hot Leads Cold Cases Guest Stanton T. Friedman - Nuclear Physicist & UFO Investigator
December 27, 2013 09:19 AM PST
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12/20/13 - Nancy du Tertre, host of "Hot Leads Cold Cases" on CBS Radio and known as "The Skeptical Psychic," interviews nuclear physicist and very well known UFO investigator Stanton T. Friedman in this episode. My guest has called this half century long cover-up of UFO phenomena and visitation our "Cosmic Watergate." Given his background as a nuclear physicist and involvement in numerous classified advanced programs to develop nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets, and research of compact nuclear power plants for space and terrestrial applications, my guest, Stanton Friedman, is not a man to engage in fantasy or whimsical thinking, and he is perfectly suited to investigate the technical capabilities of UFO spacecraft. Stan talks to Nancy about why he is better suited to discuss the aerodynamics and propulsion of UFOs than astronomers and other professional skeptics. Interestingly, Stan was a classmate of the late astronomer and UFO debunker, Carl Sagan. Stan was the first civilian investigator to uncover new data in the UFO Roswell crash cover-up.

Episode 84 - Hot Leads Cold Cases Guest Peter Robbins, UFO Investigator & Cloud Buster Technology Expert
December 15, 2013 12:24 PM PST
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12/13/13 - "Hot Leads Cold Cases" radio show host Nancy du Tertre, known as "The Skeptical Psychic," interviews ufologist Peter Robbins this week. Peter, who is a leading investigator of the so-called British Roswell event, otherwise known as the "Bentwaters Case" or the "Rendelsham Forest UFO Incident" which occurred at twin military bases in Suffolk, England, and involved dozens of US military eye witnesses to a 3-day display of UFO activity ranging, according to reports, from the landing of a triangular-shaped craft, to red glowing orbs splitting into a dazzling array of minor white orbs, to low-flying craft shooting beams of light on to Weapons Storage buildings. Peter talks to Nancy about the ongoing dispute between his witness (and co-author of his best selling book)Larry Warren, and Nick Pope's witnesses, Jim Penniston and John Burroughs, in their upcoming book to be released next year, amid accusations of lying, withholding information, and mind control tactics. Peter also discusses the government's apparent use of Cloud Busting technology, as created by famed psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich in the mid 1950's. Peter has witnessed these machines make actual modifications in the weather and Nancy discusses with him the possibility that Cloud Busting machines are attracting the attention of UFOs and also being used as a UFO weapon. A fascinating discussion of some very, very unusual ideas.

Episode 83 - Hot Leads Cold Cases Guest Travis Walton, World-Famous UFO Abductee
December 07, 2013 08:04 AM PST
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12/06/13 - Nancy du Tertre, "The Skeptical Psychic" and host of CBS radio's "Hot Leads Cold Cases" airing Fridays.8PM ET, interviews Travis Walton, the most famous UFO abductee in the world today. Travis' story, as documented his book "Fire in the Sky: The Walton Experience" and a 1993 movie by the same name, explores what happens to him a fateful evening in the winter of 1975 when he and six other members of his logging crew were leaving work in the isolated Arizona national park when the suddenly encountered a glowing UFO hovering above the trees. Travis got out to investigate, was hit by beam of light emanating from the UFO, and the crew, terrified, left the scene thinking he had been killed. When they later returned he was no where to be found. In fact, he disappeared for five days, only to return with the strangest tale one could possibly imagine. He described his adventures aboard the UFO and encounters with alien beings, known today as "greys" and "Nordics." Nearly 40 years later, Travis tells Nancy of his current impressions of what happened to him and the lingering effects in terms of brain wave activity, public acceptance, and government attempts to make his case appear as a "hoax" when in fact it was proven repeatedly to have been a truthful account. A fascinating journey with a man who has seen more than most ever will!

Episode 82 - Hot Leads Cold Cases Guest Dr. Laurie Nadel - Trauma Psychologist on Hurricane Sandy Anniversary
November 23, 2013 04:51 PM PST
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11/22/13 - Host of CBS radio show "Hot Leads Cold Cases," Nancy du Tertre, also known as "The Skeptical Psychic" interviews Dr. Laurie Nadel, a Long Island psychologist specialized in post traumatic stress disorder, talks about the emotional, physical and financial aftermath of Superstorm Sandy one year after the storm devastated much of the East Coast of the United States. New York and New Jersey were especially hard hit and the "recover" hasn't been as fast or effective as foreseen. In fact, Dr. Nadel is herself a victim of the storm and lost her home. It has been a year of living like a gypsy, displaced from her home, and fighting with insurance companied, FEMA, and banks to get the monies to help rebuild. Despite her own situation, Dr. Nadel, who ran an organization to help children left without parents after 9/11, has been operating a support group for other victims of Sandy in her home town of Long Beach. Her interview is a poignant warning about how we deal with natural catastrophes in the United States.

Episode 81 - Hot Leads Cold Cases Guest James Carman - Film Producer/Director "The Hidden Hand"
November 16, 2013 03:53 PM PST
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11/15/13 - Nancy du Tertre, "The Skeptical Psychic" and host of CBS radio show "Hot Leads Cold Cases" interviews film director and producer James Carman, about his latest award-winning documentary "The Hidden Hand: Alien Contact and the Government Cover-up." Nancy talks to James about the interviews he conducted with dozens of abductees, contactees and experiencers of extraterrestrial or alien beings, often aboard spacecraft, and sometimes involved in bizarre sexual experiments or being shown efforts by aliens to improve the human condition. James is clearly not afraid to tackle any of the thorny and controversial topics that exist with the UFO/ET field, and talks to Nancy about military intervention, the existence of MILABs or military abductions, the alien/human hybridization program, intergenerational abductions, types of alien species, alien implants in humans, expopolitics and finally, the biggest question of them all, what does all this mean to our future as a planet and the human race -a question of galactic consciousness. James is an extremely intelligent and thoughtful researcher into this complex field.

Episode 80 - Hot Leads Cold Cases Guest Audrey "Starborn" Hewins, Founder of Starborn Support
November 09, 2013 05:38 PM PST
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11/08/13 - Nancy du Tertre, known as "The Skeptical Psychic," hosts CBS radio show "Hot Leads Cold Cases" and, in this episode, interviews Audrey "Starborn" Hewins, the founder of Starborn Support, a support group for alien abductees, contactees and experiencers. Audrey talks to Nancy about how she has very distinct memories of being visited by "small bald men" (alien grays) even as far back as when she was a baby in the crib! She and her twin sister both experienced weird paralysis, levitation, visitation by unworldly beings of many different alien species including grays, mantis insectoids, Nordics and others, and was subjected to several bizarre medical experiments including having her eyeball removed from its socket and then replaced! Audrey, who grew up not far from Wright-Patterson Airforce Base reputed to be the location where wreckage and alien bodies from Roswell were transported, has also felt love and support for these aliens who she also credits with saving her life from almost certain drowning after she was swept out to sea by a rip tide. She founded her support group for others who, like herself, are attempting to deal with and make sense of their experiences.

Episode 79 - Hot Leads Cold Cases Guest Lieutenant James Gaffney - CEO of Bright Line Police Consulting & Expert in Mass Shootings
November 02, 2013 10:58 AM PDT
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11/01/13 - When this show aired, strangely, news was breaking on all of the major networks about an "Active Shooter" (some called him a domestic terrorist) walked through the Los Angeles airport, killing a TSA agent and wounding several others. Nancy du Tertre, host of CBS radio show "Hot Leads Cold Cases," interviewed Lt. James Gaffney, a police lieutenant with the Village of Mamaroneck police department in Westchester County, New York and founder of Bright Line Police Consulting, a police training organization. Lt. Gaffney gives his immediate impressions of the shooter in Los Angeles, comparing this shooter to several other very recent mass shootings, such as those in Columbine, Newtown, Virginia Tech and others. He points out that such shootings can be stopped before they progress to a point where the police are simply responding to an unfolding catastrophe. Lt. Gaffney also discusses the importance of recognizing early warning signs in the psychological profile of a potential Active Shooter, such as threatening suicide, talking about killing others, or mental instability. He explains how members of the community and the media should be working more closely with law enforcement to stop these mass killings which, according to authorities, have tripled in number in the last decade.

Episode 78 - Hot Leads Cold Cases Guest Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut & Sixth Man to Walk on Moon
November 02, 2013 10:24 AM PDT
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10/18/13 - CBS radio show host Nancy du Tertre, "The Skeptical Psychic," welcomes Apollo 14 Astronaut and Lunar Module Commander Dr. Edgar Mitchell to "Hot Leads Cold Cases." Dr. Mitchell, who is also the founder of the Institute for Noetic Sciences ("IONS")an organization created to study human consciousness, talks to Nancy about his firm belief that earth is being surveyed or monitored by alien life in UFO craft. Dr. Mitchell explains about the mounting evidence in terms of eye witness testimony from reputable pilots and others in government positions of UFO craft and their uncanny capacities to shut down nuclear facilities at will, and to evade our most current aerospace technologies. Nancy also asks him about the secret ESP/telepathy experiment he conducted on board the Apollo craft without NASA's knowledge. They also discuss an experiment at the SRI with Uri Geller when Dr. Mitchell asked him to try to teleport a camera he had left on the moon, but was surprised to have personal tie clips he had lost years earlier fall out of thin air!! A great hero and courageous man! Take a listen to this fascinating interview with a living legend.

Episode 77 - Hot Leads Cold Cases Guest Tom Carey, Roswell Investigator & UFO Researcher
October 14, 2013 07:19 PM PDT
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10/11/13 - "The Skeptical Psychic" Nancy du Tertre, a psychic detective, hosts CBS radio show "Hot Leads Cold Cases" and interviews well-known UFO investigator and researcher of the reported UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. Tom has co-authored a book with Don Schmitt called "Inside the Real Area 51: The Secret History of Wright-Patterson" which basically presents a factual and well-documented discussion about what happened to all the UFO craft wreckage, along with several tiny 4-foot tall alien bodies with large heads, after the military removed everything from the site in New Mexico. According to the testimony of hundreds of witnesses interviewed by Tom and Don, including many in the military, science and intelligence fields, the strange thin pieces of "memory metal," similar to titanium or nitinol, found their way to an underground base at Wright-Patterson Air Force base along with several dead alien bodies. Tom talks about how the bodies were preserved for decades and even taken around the country for viewing - even a secret visit by President Nixon and his good friend actor Jackie Gleason. A fascinating account!

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